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Our Mission
At BumperPlugs.com, we strive for perfection.  Our products offer the highest quality for your fine car.  We are Porsche owners, and we are as particular as anyone.

Expect the best, and accept no substitute!

See why thousands of owners worldwide have installed our original Bumper Plugs™, Door Plugs™, Painted Bumperettes, Consoles and Trim for that "finished" appearance.  But we don't just cater to Porsche.  Our BumperPlugs™ and DoorPlugs™ fit almost any make and model in virtually any color.  These are the first and original Bumper Plugs™ and Door Plugs™.  Get them for your vehicle today!  And yes, they will work on nearly ANY vehicle.

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The Story

After purchasing his Porsche 996 Cab in 1998, Eric Sklut, owner and creator of BumperPlugs.com quickly searched for a solution for the front license plate holes. After six different products and over five months of trials, the right product was finally developed.

Other owners began to notice these special plugs and a small business was formed. Large scale production of more colors began and BumperPlugs.com started a global marketing campaign.  As our proprietary process became well-tested and proven long-term, we began to expand our product line to include various painted trim items (plastic and rubber), first-class OEM replacement parts and enhancements for audio, bluetooth, lighting and performance.

Our team of paint experts and professionals know precisely how to handle the painting of various plastic and rubber materials. We test using many extensive techniques.

                                                   These plugs will fit dealer-drilled holes as well ------>

    (note: existing holes should be no larger than 1/4" on your bumper in order for our product to work properly)

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - NO other product is produced using our extremely time consuming, meticulous process and flawless factory chemistry

Our products are tested and retested under extreme conditions to assure the highest level of quality. We're Porsche owners, and as particular as anyone about the products we use on our cars.  Our painted products utilize a proprietary 19-stage finish process for an exact factory match every time and today we sell our products in over seventeen countries.

With thousands of customers worldwide, BumperPlugs.com is known for its outstanding quality and unparalleled level of customer service.  Full instructions will guide you through the simple installation in just a few minutes.  Please take a look at our customer testimonials, email us with any questions, and thank you very much for helping make BumperPlugs.com a success!

Improve the looks of the vehicle you drive today!

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