G Bracket Radar Mount

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This is the one you've read about! In conjunction with G Rides, we are offering this exclusive piece to help you with your ValentineOne or Escort radar install. This custom made, unique product allows installation of the detector to the lower point of your Auto Dimming Mirror (required).

These units are made in the USA from Aluminum, Anodized Black and include Mounting Hardware. This G Bracket combined with hardwiring of your detector makes for a clean and functional installation.  

Installation of the G Bracket requires the 2-piece plastic cover, which covers the steel mirror post, be removed (they are snapped together and not too difficult to pry apart) and those plastic covers need to be drilled, 1-hole per side. The steel housing which those plastic pieces cover, has a pocket on each side, which the set-screws from the G Bracket insert into giving a nice secure mount with very little movement and a solid mount. No more suction cups letting go!  Porsche 997 auto dimming mirror required.

*please note:  Escort Max Series will NOT fit the G Bracket for Escort

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