Dension Gateway 500

Price: $380.00

Authorized Retailer and Distributor, factory warranty and support

Dension, world leader in iPod/Bluetooth integration, offers the Gateway 500for optical vehicles including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and others.  

Please check the Dension website for compatibility.  This device is primarily for non Nav, single-din vehicle radios.  If you have a double din, nav based radio, and the vehicle is compatible from the Dension website, the 500SBT is the better choice.

Fits ALL Porsche models from2003 through 2008, PLUS Volvo XC90, most current MB, BMW, COOPER, SAAB and AUDI. Nav (PCM) and Non-Nav cars, same unit applies.

We have been the primary US distributor for this product since 2006 and offer world-class first rate customer service and technical support.

Specific detail is described below regarding most customer-related questions and issues.

CD Changer is disabled, or is it still functional?
Depends on vehicle, current units allow CD changer to remain on Porsche vehicles

How are software updates distributed?
Downloaded from Dension website, offered for free unless hardware changes

Can I connect satellite radio to this unit?
Yes, satellite and other options connect through auxiliary port

Where do podcasts show up?
On the Playlist, on the factory headunit

iPod navigation is 3 levels, artist - album - song. How does this display?
As lines of text

Are there any limits to the number of tracks that can display at once?
7 tracks per screen (pcm), 1 second to change screens

Can I start a 'shuffle songs' option if the iPod is not within reach?
Yes, select shuffle on the main menu on the factory iPod screen

Where will I find audiobooks?
Main Menu

Can iPod video show on the main screen as well?
No, only to rear entertainment screens

Which iPod models will function with this unit?
All but the Shuffle, each must have standard access port on bottom of iPod

How difficult is the installation?
We recommend professional installation as you are altering the fiber optic loop in the vehicle

Will this unit work with both PCM and Non-PCM Porsche vehicles?
Yes, but non-Nav vehicles may need additional programming by dealer; CDR24 & CDR23 will work fine

What are the power on/off options?
Charge iPod while driving
Do not charge at all
Charge for two hours upon vehicle shutoff
If you set iPod to sleep mode in the iPod, it shuts off within minutes when ignition is off

To know for certain which Dension model is best for your vehicle, please consult the Dension website compatibility charts and let us know if you have any questions.  

We are the longest standing, primary distributor for the Gateway line for fiber optic cars in the US (Porsche, Audi, MB, BMW, others) and have been behind Dension product roll-outs, beta testing, and engineering development since the beginning.  Our relationship allows us direct access to Dension for any troubleshooting, feedback and product improvement.  Do NOT be fooled by resellers offering cheap pricing then no support.  We offer first-level direct tech support and always have.  Read about us in automotive enthusiast forums.   Installation costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.



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