Boxster, 996, 996 Turbo, GT2, GT3, C4/C2 Painted Bumperettes

Price: $289.00
(per pair)

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These are original OEM bumperettes that have been chemically treated, cleaned then put through our extensive multistage process, resulting in a flawless factory finish, over 19 layers deep.  The bumperettes are exactly what is on your vehicle today (986/996/993) and fit identically to the mounting system in place, and are still somewhat flexible.  They are smooth rather than textured, eliminating the wax buildup and fading seen on old unpainted bumperettes.

We send you the painted units for installation (five minutes, easy), then you return the old ones in unpainted, good condition after installing the painted ones.  A core deposit is required when we ship, then refunded upon return of your good condition cores.

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