Door Plugs for Ferrari

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FERRARI NOTE:  Many models have a key slot that is off-center.  If so, these will not work.  The custom door plugs only fit those models that have a key slot directly centered in the keyhole.

These are the original body color DoorPlugs™ developed for Porsche, now available for select Ferrari models.  

Questions on colors? No problem. Email us from the contact page.

These install very easily in a matter of seconds, are durable, clearcoated, and will complete the look of your vehicle! We use our proprietary paint process to layer over 19 stages of paint and other chemical treatments for a flawless factory finish. We reject nearly 30% of our production for minor flaws, and are extremely particular about our final product quality. You will receive absolutely perfect plugs every time. This custom, patented Door Plug™ has a blade style stem that inserts into the keyslot, and a flat cap to complete the smooth appearance of most vehicle door handles. The cap can easily be removed if you need to insert your key, and reinstalled in seconds. Though designed for Porsche, these are currently in use on many makes and models. Some adjustment/trimming to the base stem may be required, so email us if you have any concern or trouble installing.

This is NOT a standard body shop process, so beware of imitators. We have been painting rubber and plastic for more than a dozen years, and have thousands of happy Porsche (and other) customers worldwide with our painted rubber and plastic parts still on their vehicle (and in their vehicle), and still in stunning condition. This process takes up to 11 days to complete and is done in a completely controlled environment. We spend more time on these than your average shop would painting an entire vehicle. Yes, it's that important. Don't be fooled by cheap copycats. These are the only one and original DoorPlugs™ for your vehicle.

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