Dension Lightning Adapter Cable

Price: $44.95

Dension LIA1GW0 9-pin DIN connector to allow you to use a Lighting-to-USB cable (that you already have) to connect via hardwire to the Gateway.  One end of this cable is 9-pin (round) DIN, the other is USB.

The Lightning Adapter for Gateway (LIA1GW0) is an optional accessory for Gateway Lite, Gateway Lite BT, iGateway, Gateway 300 and Gateway 500 devices. The device enables you to connect Apple devices bearing a Lightning adapter to your existing Gateway. The LIA connects to the iPod Dock connector on the Gateway and has a USB connector to connect your iPhone/iPod (iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, iPod nano 7th, touch – 5th) using a USB to Lightning cable (IPLC1GW) or an iPhone 5 cradle (IP5LCRU/IP5LCRP).


  • Gateway Lite (GWL3xxx)
  • Gateway Lite BT (GBL3xxx)
  • iGateway (GW17xxx)
  • Gateway 300 (GW33xxx)
  • Gateway 500 Lite MOST (GWL1MO1)
  • Gateway 500 Lite D2B (GWL1DB1)
  • Gateway 500 (GW51MO2)


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